Frequently Asked

  • Age: shut up
  • Name: Myriah. [pronounced Mariah]
  • Single? Always
  • Activities: Listening to music, watching movies, very select few TV shows, and reading things.
  • Likes: Peppermint tea. Bill Murray. Plain coffee. My cat. Caffeine. Big sweaters. Being alone. Inspirational anything. Anything affectionate. Hair. Tattoos. Piercings. Books. White shirts. Lights. Vogue. Dancing. Clothes. Friendship bracelets. Fashion. Sleeping. Sketching. Music. Charlie B. Positive thinking. Too many likes to post!
  • Dislikes: Sleeplessness. Unreasonable ignorance. Social networking. Schooling environments. Children. All commercials. Texting. Deja Vu. Most dry literature. Uneducated non/religious people.
  • Do you have Facebook? Yes.
  • Do you have a twitter? Yes.

I don’t do “follow backs” and I don’t promote.